Vrumble : A Multi-Chain Decentralized Battle and Earn Social Game and Gameshow Platform

Reign victorious with your NFTS in that ol’ Metaverse
A RIFT through the CRYPTOVERSE is torn open, the veil to the many chains has breached.
Champions from all NFT collections across all Chains have heard the clarion call and are stepping through.
They come in droves: in spaceships, on magic carpets, shot from cannons, cartwheeling and dancing, phasing in and out, blood dripping from their footsteps, cute rainbows exploding with each fart from their unicorn butts - soon the mayhem will ensue... and SUJI to be earned. ENTER THE VRUMBLE ARENA. BRING YOUR NFT COLLECTION HONOR.
Let’s get ready to VRUMBLE!!!
Vrumble is a group video chat and live-streaming gameshow NFT card battle competitive platform. First to be launched on Avalanche Chain with AVAX and ETH NFTS but soon compatible across many chains - our goal is to allow disparate collections of NFTs to battle daily, weekly and monthly for glory - both on-chain and off-chain, winning NFTs and Token Prizes for their victories, building a community that wants their NFTs to rise to the top of the leaderboard!
We leverage a couple fresh new mechanics, mini-game battles, an idle game and a staking/farming methodology to build our economy inside of Vrumble and allow for the community to flourish - all focused around Friend Connections. To support this - we are dropping our Vrumbler NFTs which are a cute but ferocious group of 3d generative art animals (bear, llama, cat and penguin) that are rigged models used in our minigames and AR facemasks - all with super mystical powers. We have built compelling technology that allows NFTs from many chains (ETH, AVAX, soon SOL, TERRA , and more) to enter Vrumble App, Anoint their NFTs, and then Battle and Earn SUJI token - all on-chain. NOTE: All use of any Vrumble or Tesuji Product by player/user is bound by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines. Please exit if you do not agree, thx!: https://www.tesuji.io/terms-of-use https://www.tesuji.io/privacy-policy https://www.tesuji.io/community-guidelines
We chose Avalanche for these reasons: 1. Has a EVM based Contract Chain (don't need to change our game logic over to another language and paradigm) 2. Low transaction fees, very fast transaction finality 3. Nice UX for users to transfer from their fiat on-ramp to AVAX (go to coinbase, buy avax, send to your metamask, play game) 4. Scalable to subnets 5. Successful games built on Avalanche 6. Great builder ecosystem Launch Time Frame: alpha of Vrumble 4.0 mobile app, Q2 beta of Vrumble 4.0 mobile app, Q2/Q3 beta of Battle in the Ring, Idle Web Game, Q4 1.0 of Battle in the Ring, Idle Web Game, 2023 Q1 What chains are you on? We use https://www.avax.network - Avalanche Network for our on-chain games, anointing various NFTs and such. We have our own minted NFTs on both ETH and AVAX We do this through some tricky Oracle cross chain capabilities that allow for our game play to work well and be fair. As we are a battler of all NFTs we are in process of supporting many chains. Current Support Planned for Launch: Ethereum Main Net Avalanche Main Net Future Support: Polygon Cardano Solana Terra Luna Near Aurora +more HISTORY: Vrumble 1.0->3.x In the past it has been a mobile and web app game/platform that allows players to: Game Play and Chat: 1. login and make a profile to... 2. then video chat with friends and others while... 3. playing various mini-games and potentially live-streaming the whole chat and game experience to thousands of live viewers. 4. The players then earn Candies (off-chain currency) to buy various things in the app. and Participate in Live Gameshows: 1. in a mini game we call Crowd Quiz 2. Players can play trivia against many other players live, if they miss one answer they are OUT! 3. the Players to get all 12 questions right receive that Crowd Quiz prize! and Watch and Upload their own Moments: 1. moments allow players to express themselves to the world! 2. other players can then GIFT Candies to that moments creator. 3. and also like and message the Creator if they are friends. and Players can private text chat with their friends. 1. with private chatting friends can chat with each other while exploring the app.
Vrumble 4.0 is all this and SO MUCH MORE.... On Chain Video Chat Battles and Tourneys... GET READY TO VRUMBLE! Friend connections are super important in Vrumble - friends equip their profiles with their ANOINTED NFTS, then players create a Deck of Friends equipped with NFT Powers, enter into mini game or idle game battles, earn SUJI, climb leaderboards, win tournaments - all while video/audio chatting and live-streaming to their fans. Check out our Token and Tokenomics!