OLD Phases of Launch - Deprecated

THIS IS COMPLETE and was working ofr Vrumble 4 OLD GOALS 2022: JAN: ✅ Need to update Anoint Contract to: ✅ RiftSparkleMint Contract, develop ✅ SUJI/Stake contract, develop ✅ Anoint/Sponsor Contract/MysticRoll Contract, develop ✅ Crystalize Contract, develop ✅ First Private Test of Vrumble 4.0, minigames (iOS) ✅ Test contracts

FEB: ✅ Tet holiday ✅ DeckManagement Contract, develop ✅ RiftSparkle develop ✅ Anoint develop ✅ Sponsor develop ✅ MysticRoll develop ✅ Dojo Stake develop ✅ Suji develop MARCH/APRIL/MAY: ✅ Crystalize develop Some holidays.

✅ Web develop. ✅ backend develop. ✅ games develop ✅ apps develop ✅ Setup Audit. ✅ upgradable contracts develop. ✅ Work on Leaderboards Contract ✅ Execute on some partnerships ✅ Continue on partnerships June/July:

✅ RiftSparkle Launch ✅ Anoint Launch ✅ Sponsor Launch ✅ MysticRoll Launch ✅ Dojo Stake Launch ✅ Suji Launch ✅ Web Launch ✅ Backend Launch ✅ Avalanche Gen 0 NFT potential Launch ✅ Vrumblers into Vrumble 4.0 (nft presence api) ✅ Multiplayer of Vrumblers develop 🟨 Deploy SUJI to Token Distribution 🟨 Private Beta of Vrumble 4.0, to RiftSparkle Holders. 🟨 BattleInRing Contract, (idle game) develop Work on Tourney Contract Land/Island Contract develop

🟨Run our first game show. Idle Game private beta

Q3: Island Launch Leaderboards/Tourney Launch Keep rockin that Vrumble game. OLD ROAD MAP, 2022: Phase1-6 are complete. Phase 1: Rift Sparkle NFT Mint - Public Main Sale These are your allowlist spot for minting a Vrumbler NFT in the presale window, AND, will allow you to play/battle in the Vrumble app with one of the NFTs you already own (from any blockchain)! A Rift Sparkles has a number of functions: a. Allows 'anointing' of one of your NFTs into Vrumble. b. AllowList spot for minting a Gen0 Vrumbler (24hr window) c. Anoint AVAX/ETH NFT (starting with those chains) get access iOS Vrumble4.0 Beta! Total to be released TBD Phase 2: Vrumbler NFTs 7,777 Vrumblers are the premium play experience in Vrumble app, they are supercharged with elevated powers in games, have their own AR Facemask, and are the only characters that can be Staked to earn SUJI (erc20 Game Token), and more… We will begin with GEN0 Mint (1-1554) – Presale & Public Main Sale (24 hrs Presale/Allowlist, then public mint) GEN0 Vrumbler NFTs provide some important capabilities: a. Gen0 NFTs will have a higher initial mystic power level (4) b. If your minted Vrumbler randomly has 2 Mystics - both will be fully revealed (non Gen0 NFTs will have their second mystic - if it is present - hidden until revealed later) c. Airdropped an Island NFT (allows you to host Tourneys) when that phase commences. d. Early Benefits Event The first 1000 Mint ID’s will get an additional air dropped Rift Sparkle when that phase commences. e. The first 72 hours after GEN0 mint opens staking rewards will be elevated. (25 vs 5 SUJI/day). GEN1 Vrumbler NFTs (1555-7777) - Getting a Gen 1 or later Vrumbler NFT will have a slightly higher initial mystic power level (2) than other 'Anointed' NFTs. __ *NOTE: Vrumbler NFT metadata revealed every Monday and Friday. *NOTE: To get on the Allow List you will need to get yourself a Rift Sparkle. This can be done at the Rift Sparkle Mint (Phase 1) OR, join the discord and navigate to the "allowlist" channel for all the ways you can get a Rift Sparkle. Join Discord: https://t.co/HoJ3SxW0iZ. Phase 3: Donate Event 620 AVAX will be donated to education non-profits! Donations: ~155AVAX will be donated to an education non-profit at each of the following milestones: 25% mint 50% mint 75% mint 100%mint CHICKTECH will receive $5K of donation. At 50% NFT sellout Vrumbler NFT Holders will vote on 2-4 education-focused NGO options for the remainder of the funds. 50% of which will be paid out immediately, the remainder when Vrumblers sell out! Phase 4: Vrumble Web Launch To begin we will launch some fun features on the web that include Sponsoring, Staking, Sparring, Anointing, Mystic Power Raise, and Crystalize (“What?!?!?!” you say? See whitepaper). Get ready for this folks... Sparring & Staked NFTs in the Dojo (web) Sparring in the Dojo allows for a user to randomly battle another staked Vrumbler and potentially win the 'un-claimed staking rewards'. docs.vrumble.io/whitepaper/the-dojo/sparring Anointing (web) What is anointing? It is the process of giving your NFT mystical powers: Moon, Fire, Water, Aether, Shadow, Sun, Earth. Anointed NFTs start with a mystical power level of 1 vrumble.io/anoint Mystic Raise (web) Mystic Roll: An ON-CHAIN way of upgrading an Anointed Mystics Power Level: vrumble.io/mystic-roll Crystalize - Summon a Rift Sparkle (web) If you own 3 Anointed NFTs, once per week you can Crystalize, pay the SUJI required and summon/mint a Rift Sparkle. vrumble.io/crystalize Phase 5: Public Beta Vrumble 4.0 (Mobile App iOS) Launch Play real-time mini-games on iOS utilizing your NFTs and battle for victory. We will begin with off-chain rewards (CANDY) and ramp-up to providing on-chain SUJI rewards for victories! In order to play Vrumble Beta, you MUST have a Vrumbler NFT or use a Rift Sparkle NFT to ‘Anoint’ one of the NFTs you own. Phase 6: Public Beta Vrumble 4.0 (Android) - decide above and modify Play real-time mini-games on Android utilizing your NFTs and battle for victory. We will begin with off-chain rewards (CANDY) and ramp-up to providing on-chain SUJI rewards for victories! In order to play Vrumble Beta, you MUST have a Vrumbler NFT or use a Rift Sparkle NFT to ‘Anoint’ one of the NFTs you own. Phase 7: Tournaments Begin & Prestige Event Announced Vrumble Godz Tournaments Commences, with a new level of NFT rewards for the victors. Prestige Event will benefit all holders of Vrumbler NFTs.... and their Anointed friends...AR Social Game + Phase 8: AR Social Game + Island Sales Launched AR Social Game: Hang with your friends in real-time on your own AR Island: decorate, discover, collect, craft and adventure. Island NFTs: Around the same time, we will be dropping Island NFTs that allow you to host your own Tournaments! You MUST have a Vrumbler NFT to purchase and Island.

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