Coming Soon... Enter the Dojo. The place where players can rent out their non Prime Equipped Mystics and other players can pay have that persons profile with their Dojo Equipped Mystics in their Deck. Normally a Deck has 9 cards, but if a user Recruits, they can have 2 additional cards in their deck, Dojo Recruits, potentially bringing the average battle points of the entire Deck up.

HOW TO: 1. PlayerA looks at their Mystic Collection, selects up to 2 Mystics (Anointed NFTS)

2. PlayerA then selects SUJI rent price for each Dojo Mystic 3. PlayerA then commits to renting them out. 4..PlayerB then gets to Recruit any of the mystics at the Dojo

5. PlayerB recruits up to two, pays the SUJI, and their deck now has that player in their DOJO extra cards. 6. PlayerB gets to use those extra cards for 2 hrs. Then the Dojo Mystics are redeposited back into the Dojo available for further recruitment. 7. Any wins from PlayerB using the Dojo cards will send 1% rounded up to the owner of the Dojo Mystics. 8. If PlayerC 'reclaims ownership' of one of PlayerA's Dojo Mystics, while PlayerB has them recruited, ownership will shift to PlayerC, pending rewards will be distributed to PlayerA, any new win rewards (1%) will be payed to Player C, but PlayerC will need to wait until the 2 hours has elapsed to 'remove' the Mystic from the Dojo.

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