Fixing MetaMask issues.

Clear the account history

  1. Go to Settings

2. From Advanced Tab, Reset account

3. Find your account in

If there are no pending transactions, then you are all done! If you see pending transactions, go to step 4.

4. Check the oldest pending transaction for the nonce. If can't find it, check the latest transaction made by your address and add (+1) to the nonce.

Eg, if latest transaction nonce is 5, then the new nonce should be 6. Remember this number.

5. Turn on Customized transaction nonce under the same Advanced Tab in Step 2

6. Make a new transaction to your own address, sending 0 AVAX and use the same nonce that you got from step 4. Use the exact same nonce as the pending transaction, with a higher gas fee than the transaction that is pending.

7. If there still other pending transactions, repeat step 6 with the nonce for the next oldest pending transaction

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