on hold: Tournaments

TBD: MAY RE-ENABLED v5-Phase2 PHASE 1 We plan on running daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. These will be simple first (ran manually from Vrumble Team) to arrive bracket style tournaments with Prizes set by each tournament. Some tournaments will only allow certain invited profiles/wallets. Some tournaments will only allow certain NFT collections. Tournaments begin at 16 players, then if it is an open tournament ( aka not invitees ) and 32 players sign up then it will be a 32 player tournament. If not enough players show up for the minimum 16 player tournament, the tournament will not occur. Tournaments can be manually started or have a start time. Note: If a Tournament has started, remember you have a 5 min grace window to join (if there is still space btw). When the tournament finishes countdown and has 16 player or 32 or 64 or 128 - it can start. Game Play in Tournament: A tournament can comprise of 1 type of mini game or several types of mini-game. This is set up by the Host of the Tournament. It can not be changed during the tournament. Prizes for Tournament: The winner of the bracket of the tournament will receive the prize set by the Host of the Tournament. Tournaments hosted by Vrumble will provide SUJI or Rift Sparkles as prizes. Tournaments hosted by other parties can be SUJI from that parties wallet or other prizes (NFT's) PHASE 2: When we do Island Drop (only mintable by Vrumbler holders) - Users that hold an Island will be able to run Tournaments through our more automated system. It is the responsibility of the other parties to airdrop their prizes.

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