BETA LIVE: While a Vrumbler is staked it can Spar in the DOJO. Sparring in the Dojo allows for a user to randomly battle another staked Vrumbler and potentially win the 'un-claimed staking rewards'. As stated in the contract you will click Spar instead of Stake/Unstake, you will match with a Random Staked NFT, your Mystic Powers will be compared and rolled against a d20 dice roll, and the player with the highest added value (diceroll+mysticpower) will win. If you are the winner, you get 110% of your pending rewards, with a very rare chance to get 220% of your pending rewards. If you are the loser the other NFT holder gets 90% of the pending rewards, and you get 10% of the rewards. Spar Soft-Launch is Live (8/28/22)

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