v5-p2: Anointing, Rift Sparkles, & Sponsorship

Anointing: When you as a holder of an NFT, from any chain, utilize the Vrumble website, purchase a Rift Sparkle, and select your NFT to then Anoint it. Your NFT is now anointed and has Mystic Powers Revealed which are used in Vrumble to battle. We want to encourage more NFT Collections to band together as a Tribe/Clan and get in on the battle action! To this end and to maintain some scarcity of how we allow for the Anointing of NFTs we have provided Rift Sparkles as kind of the 'golden ticket' to Anoint and sponsorship as a way to get them.

First things first - Anointing... what does it mean? It means that you can take your NFT , from some chain, from some collection/contract address and anoint it. This gloms/attaches mystical powers as a record on-chain (Avalanche) that is linked to your NFT. These powers - the Mystic Info is then fetch-able for all the games that you use your Anointed NFT in. Types of Mystical Powers: Earth, Aether, Fire, Water, Shadow, Moon, Sun To anoint an NFT you have to BURN a Rift Sparkle. Watch the video to learn How to Anoint NFTs you already own into Vrumble so you can battle them. Rift Sparkles are generated through: 1. Supply Cap of 1000 per week with that amount slowly diminishing over time. These can be purchased with SUJI or with AVAX during initial sales window, then just SUJI after that. 2. Through Crystallization (combination of multiple Anointed NFTs into summoning a new Rift Sparkle) 3. Through Sponsorship.

What is so cool about sponsorship? We created a method On Chain for a player to: 1. Select an NFT Collection on a Specific Chain 2. Pay to sponsor that entire collection + pay for a bundle of Rift Sparkles 1-100 3. That collection is now sponsored, and the Rift Sparkles are airdropped to the Player. 4. That player can now send rift sparkles to anyone, those players can burn the Rift Sparkles, and Anoint their NFT. 5. If another player later wants to Anoint an NFT with a later bought Rift Sparkle(that they bought), that player receives 50% of the total price of the Rift Sparkle back into their Wallet ( In SUJI) as a Rebate as that entire NFT collection is Sponsored. ... oh 6. And the Sponsor? They also get 10% of Rift Sparkle SUJI price as a Rebate after every Anoint that occurs of their Sponsored Collection.... Yeah we love sponsors. 7. Note: the user that receives an AirDropped Rift Sparkle will not receive the rebate, it's the original Minter of the Rift Sparkle that gets the rebate. To learn more about sponsorship: https://brieflink.com/v/1p7ik

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