Battle in the Ring - Idle Game

FUTURE CONCEPT: Idle-like games are fun. You don't have to do much :) We have one here in Vrumble that we think you will like.

The goal with Battle in the Ring is to enter the battle with the best deck possible, do the right bluffing against the other Mystics displayed, and make the right choices to win the treasure. Lore: Mystic clans across the many block chains have come to gather - traveling through the Rift and alighting upon the Verdent Isles. An arena awaits filled with battle and promise of treasure. Each tribe builds up their elite fighting force and enters the ring. Who will be victorious in this Tag Team SLAM DOWN?! Game Rules: 1. The game lasts 4 hours 2. Players can not change their Battle Deck after initiating/joining a game 3. Every game begins with 10 SUJI as a prize pool. 4. Every additional player increases in prize pool by 10 SUJI for each additional player past 2 players. 5. Max players is 8 per game. 6. Each game has 4 rounds ( 1 round per hour) 7. Players are dealt a new set of cards each round, from their Battle Deck + Dojo Recruits 8. Players are only allowed into games that are in their 'weight' class. Games vary in weight class and are defined by the initiator of the game. Plus or Minus 20 Battle Points to join a game of your Deck's weight class. This keeps it fair. 9. In each ATTACK phase, you can only either ATTACK initially, or respond to an ATTACK with another ATTACK - one time. The response must be within the first half of the round, allowing other players to respond with a Fortify or Attack. 10. If you do not respond within Phase time limit (20 mins per phase) to an ATTACK and make an equal FORTIFY to match, you auto Retreat.

Game Play: Round 1: Phase Initial Deal:

0. Each player provides 1 SUJI * Weight Class, into Treasure as Arena Entry Fee. Current Weight class is 1. 1. Each Player is dealt two mystic cards from their Battle Deck on to their hand/playfield. 2. No other player can see what cards are dealt to other players 3. After Each player is dealt mystics, 3 Mystics are dealt on to table: Card #1: Moon, Power2 | Card #2: Aether, Power1 | Card #3: Shadow, Power1 4. PlayerA sees hand, Card #1: Moon+Fire, Power 2 | Card #2: Earth, Power 2 5. PlayerB sees hand, Card #1: Moon, Power2 | Card #2: Moon+Shadow, Power 1 6. PlayerC sees hand, Card #1: Earth, Power1 | Card #2: Fire, Power1 7. Player A realizes that with the Table Cards + their Cards they have a score of: TC(moon2)+PlayerA(moon+fire2) = 4, no other cards match same mystic type, so a final power of 4. 8. PlayerB realizes that with the Table Cards + their Cards they have a score of: TC(moon2)+PB(moon2, moon+shadow1) = 5 & TC(shadow1)+PlayerB(moon+shadow1) = 2 , with total of 7 power. PlayerB is feeling powerful. 8. PlayerC realizes they have no matching types but stays in the Round because they already payed their Arena fee. Phase Attack/Defend:

0. Random first player is chosen to make first choice (Player A is chosen) 1. PlayerA doesnt think they have a super powerful hand of cards, so they 'Fortify' 2. PlayerB's turn, PlayerB thinks they are powerful so they 'Attack' with 10 SUJI 3. PlayerC's turn, realizes that they have no power and so 'Retreat' - quit the Game Round. 4. PlayerA's turn, still thinks they might be powerful enough to win so they 'Fortify' and pay the Attack of 10 SUJI to match Player B, Player A could match the 10Suji and Attack for even more but they are not confident. Phase Second Deal: 1. A new card is dealt into the Table Cards: Shadow, power 1 2. Player A decides to Fortify. 3. Player B decides to do a small attack of 5 SUJI (though they know that Shadow boosted their initial total power by 1 => 9, they dont want to be to bold and have all players Retreat) 4. Player C can not participate as they Retreated Last Phase. 6.Player A decides to match Attack and fortify, providing 5 SUJI Phase Three Deal: 1. A new card is dealt onto the Table Cards: Earth, power1 2.Player A gets excited because they also have a Earth card 2 power! So they Attack with 5 SUJI. 3.Player B sees that Player A got excited with their Attack of 5 SUJI but still feels confident, actually feels really confident, and matches Attack but attacks with an additional 5 SUJI. 4. PlayerC cant participate. 5. Player A is nervous as they got attacked again by PlayerB, but they want to see if they win so they match the Attack and Fortify. Phase Reveal Mystics: 1. Now that all Table Cards have been played and all players have finished their Attacks and everyone has Fortified. 2. Every player that is still playing reveals their cards (Not PlayerC) 3.Player A has: TC(moon2)+PlayerA(moon+fire2)+TC(earth2)+PlayerA(earth2) = 8 total power 4.Player B has: TC(moon2)+PB(moon2, moon+shadow1) = 5 & TC(shadow1)+PlayerB(moon+shadow1) = 2 + TC(shadow1)+PlayerB(moon+shadow1) = 2 | Total power = 9 5. Player B is the winner and collects the treasure: Phase0 Arena Entry: 3 players * 1(weight class) = 3 SUJI Phase1 Attack Total: 10SUJI + 10 SUJI = 20 SUJI Phase2 Attack Total: 5+5 = 10 SUJI Phase3 Attack Total: 5+5+5+5 = 20 SUJI Total Treasure: 53 SUJI sent to PlayerB Round 2: Same phases as before, PlayerC can participate again. This process continues until all rounds are complete. Final: Whichever player has the most wins, they receive a prize from Vrumble (not from other players) of 20 SUJI * # of players ( possible of 160 SUJI) If two or more players tie for most wins, prize is divided equally between players.

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