Old White Paper - Dec 14 2021


Whitepaper DEC 14 2021

It’s getting pretty competitive out there for the ol’ NFTs. Time to take those bad boys/girls/aliens/jpegs to the Ring!

Let’s get ready to VRUMBLE!!!

Vrumble is a group video chat and livestreaming gameshow NFT card battle competitive platform. First to be launched on Ethereum Blockchain but soon compatible across multiple chains - our goal is to allow disparate collections of NFTs to battle daily, weekly and monthly for glory - both on-chain and off-chain, winning NFT’s and Token Prizes for their victories, building a community that wants their NFT’s to rise to the top of the leaderboard!

We leverage a couple fresh new mechanics and a staking/farming methodology to build our economy inside of Vrumble and allow for the community to flourish. To support this - our NFT’s we are dropping are cute but ferocious group of 3d generative art animals (bear, llama, cat and penguin) that are rigged models used in our minigames and AR facemasks - all with super mystical powers.

Lets provide a few terms for you first and then we can go deeper!

// Key Terms //

Minting: is where a player can pay ETH to summon their own Vrumble Mystic powered NFT on the ethereum blockchain. Each ‘Vrumbler’ is equiped with 1 or 2 Mystics.

Mystics: In Vrumble’s smart contracts - minted NFTs have 7 ON-CHAIN types of mystic power: earth, fire, water, aether, sun, moon, shadow. Each Vrumbler NFT randomly has one or two of these capabilities combined with the overarching ‘Mystic Power Level’ - which enables that NFT to be utilized in game to devestating effect.

Staking: When a player decides to ‘stake’ their Vrumbler NFT (and currently we only allow Vrumbler contract NFT’s for staking) - the player deposits their NFT into out Staking contract and starts earning rewards of our own ERC20 token - $SUJI - daily at a specifed rate. These rewards can be claim prior to expiration (which happens in the future and is viewable on contract). While an NFT is staked it still can be ‘equiped’ as a Mystic in game. A player can unstake at anytime. They will then collect the pending rewards and the NFT will be available for transfer.

SUJI: $SUJI is the ERC20 token that is minted as a reward for various tasks or capabilities in the Vrumble Battle Ecosystem. It is initially ‘minted/generated’ through Staking action, but also through Sponsorship, Leaderboard Weekly victories, Tourny victories and other flows. SUJI is burned to ‘crystalize/upgrade’ a NFT’s Mystic Power Level, Anoint NFT’s, and some future functionality. SUJI mint is capped at a supply of 2.4Billion. 600M is assigned to the Tesuji company wallet.

Anointing: As we want any type of ETH NFT (later other chain NFTs) to battle in Vrumble we have provided the ability for a player to Anoint their NFT, whereby the NFT is assigned 1 or 2 mystics on our Anoint Contract and the NFT is now a ‘mystic’ and able to be equiped in Vrumble as well as be Crystalized!

MysticRoll: Each NFT that is Anointed (or an og Vrumbler) has mystics. The NFT has a Mystic Power Level that applies to all the mystics for that NFT. This power level can be random rolled to be upgraded through the burn of SUJI or payment of ETH. This allows players to level up their NFT - on chain, battling higher in rank. Crystalize: Combine the powers of three Anointed NFTs - Once per week to create a Rift Sparkle!

Sponsorship: As anointing requires either burning of $SUJI or payment of ETH. We wanted to provide a great way for users to encourage entire collections of NFT’s to Anoint and battle. A player can choose to Sponsor a Collection, paying the cost for a specific contract address/nft collection and subsequent Anointment of any NFT from that collection is 50% less in cost - for anyone. That Sponsor Player, for each subsequent ‘anoint’ of an NFT from that collection, will receive newly minted $SUJI at a 1/10th the $SUJI price’ for that anoint. The nft collection is now discounted permanently for all potential anointers.

Weekly Leaderboard Victor: Going along with the Anoint of NFT’s... Weekly: Vrumble will keep track - on chain- the # of newly Anointed NFTs and from which collection they were minted from. At the end of week, the collection with most newly anointed NFT’s will receive a $SUJI prize - proportional to the total # of Anointed NFT’s from that week. This will be distributed - 90% to the Anointed NFT holders of that Winning Contract prior to that week, and 10% to the new Anointed NFT holders of that Winning Contract of that week. So yah, you want your friends to anoint :)

Profiles vs Mystics/NFTS - and Training: A players profile in Vrumble is off chain. A profile is ‘equiped with a Mystic NFT ‘. The player can change which NFT they equip at any time. A player can be ‘trained’ by spending our off-chain ‘Candies’ - which builds up that Vrumble profiles power - this is different then Crystalization (where a Anointed NFT’s Mystic PowerLevel is upgraded on chain)

Sparring: Other then just claiming your rewards you can also choose to Spar a random other Staked Vrumbler. As stated in the contract you will click Spar instead of Stake/Unstake, you will match with a Random Staked NFT, your Mystic Powers will be compared and rolled against a d20 dice roll, and the player with the highest added value (diceroll+mysticpower) will win. If you are the winner, you get 110% of your pending rewards, with a very rare chance to get 220% of your pending rewards. If you are the loser the other NFT holder gets 90% of the pending rewards, and you get 10% of the rewards. Tribute: The ability to risk your Mystic in a tourney battle! It’s like Staking but the victor of a series of mini games will receive the loser’s tribute NFT.... putting that skin in the game! This is a later phase feature.

Tribute:The ability to risk your Mystic in a tourney battle! It’s like Staking but the victor of a series of mini games will receive the loser’s tribute NFT.... putting that skin in the game! This is a later phase feature.

Whew!!! That was some terms.

// What is Vrumble? //

Ever played a card battler where you are dropping cards into the play field to trigger a realtime or turn based attack? We are taking this mechanic, building a series of mini games around it and using NFT’s as the cards to trigger these attacks. Whats even crazier.... your social connections in Vrumble - THEY ARE YOUR BATTLE CARDS. Each friend (and yourself) can equip an NFT as your profile’s MYSTIC. Then you build a deck of your friends profiles and enter a game. In Game you can then cast these cards (which are your friends profiles with equiped mystics) and deal some epic damage.

Imagine your friend, Isabella equiped with a Fire mystic, comes up in your play hand. Drop her on to the playfield and unleash a rain of fireballs to devestate your oponent. Next you cast Pablo with his Shadow mystic and your character shimmers out of sight.

Each time your friends Crystalize their Mystics - your deck becomes more powerful. Each time your friend changes their equiped Mystic - your deck changes form. Each time your friend trains their Profile - you pack more of a punch in each battle.

Your social connections and their NFT/Mystic prowess aids you in your path to victory.

We all do this framed in our social video chat app Vrumble. Where you can chat with your competition, friends and fans - all while livestreaming or even hosting a game show with prizes.

// Why we do this? //

There are so many NFT’s out there with amazing art, amazing community, and impressive value. Yet they dont have much more happening other then those things. We even see some projects that have amazing potential fall by the wayside. We wanted to create a platform that lets these communities trumpet their pride, value and commitment + compete at an ad hoc or structured(tournament) basis. Each day, week and month we will see who and what NFT collection has the most skills and prizes to the victors! WAGMI yall.

//When can we do this frens?!?! and Why Do I want to Mint?//

The team is dropping the platform in several PHASES with flexiblity of course. It’s mainly specified on our Minting site (click the nav bar above) but we will re-iterate here.

1. Initial Gen0 Mint. Presales and Main Sale

A total Vrumbler NFT drop from our initial set to be 7,777 Vrumbler NFT’s . Our Gen0 will be a supply cap of the first 1-1554. We will then announce additional drops periodically(announced officially in Discord, only trust our announcements) of the remaining max supply minus the team reserve amount, 277. Reserve is used for team and for gifting airdrops Vrumbler Mint Meta Data will be revealed every Friday and Monday after mint (may need to refresh on OpenSea).

Getting an initial Gen0 NFT provides a couple important capabilities: a. Gen0 NFT’s will have a higher initial mystic power level: LEVEL 4 b. if the NFT randomly has 2 Mystics - both will be fully revealed (subsequent non GEN0 NFTs will have their second mystic - if it is present - hidden until we reveal at a later date) c. can Stake and earn Suji token. d. All Vrumblers if staked are eligible(randomly chosen) for an airdrop of SUJI when ever another NFT is Anointed. e. After initial 1 ISLAND that will be airdropped at later date, only Vrumbler holder can purchase more Islands.

Getting a GEN1 or later Vrumbler NFT will have: a. a slightly higher initial mystic power level then Anointed 3rd party nfts): LEVEL 2 b. can Stake and Earn SUJI token c. All Vrumblers if staked are eligible(randomly chosen) for an airdrop of SUJI when ever another NFT is Anointed. d. After initial 1 ISLAND that will be airdropped at later date, only Vrumbler holder can purchase more Islands.

The first 1000 minted will receive a Rift Sparkle - which is a pretty awesome mysterious thing to have for a later project reveal.

25% of mint proceeds will go to the COMMUNITY WALLET - this is used for future DAO decisions and help guide the project with input from the community.

We are also doing a Airdrop Giveaway - 30 Vrumbler NFTs will be rewarded to random lucky Vrumbler holders at each of the following milestones:

  • 25% mint - 4 NFTs

  • 50% mint - 6 NFTs

  • 75% mint - 8 NFTs

  • 100% mint - 12NFTs

We will also do our donation to our social mission of supporting education. Of the 10 ETH (if sold out 7700 mint attained) - 50% to ChickTech and 50% set aside to be donated as specified through a poll of the holder community.

2. ANOINT and Stake and Spar Reveal: Players will now be able to Anoint their own 3rd Part NFTs. Vrumbler Holders will be able to Stake and Spar! a. Anointed NFTS (from any ERC721 token that have been anointed through our Anoint contract ) start off with a MYSTIC POWER: LEVEL 1 b. Any Vrumbler Holder will be able to Stake and start earning $SUJI, they will be able to then Spar other Staked Vrumblers to claim the earned potential rewards. c. Players will now be able to Crystalize (upgrade the mystic power) of their Vrumblers and Anointed NFTS.

3. Sparkle Airdrop: The first 1000 minted Vrumblers will receive a Rift Sparkle - which is a pretty awesome mysterious thing to have for a later project reveal.

4. App Launch: We have been working on Vrumble 4.0 NFT ios and android update for a several months and we will plan in early January to launch an initial alpha version to our Testflight group. Then in Feburary after TET we will be launching to public beta.

5. Tournys begin: Later in Q2 we will start our tourneys. These will include prizes of NFT’s and SUJI

6. Island Sale: Later in Q2 or Q3 - Each Vrumbler has its own floating island that goes along with our NFTs. We will be enabling mint of more islands with a total limited quantity of 120K. This will enable future self tourney runs by our players and other features. Only Vrumbler HOLDERS can mint an Island.

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