Vrumblers on ETH - do not despair! Vrumbler and Rift Sparkle Airdrops Completed - Please contact us on Discord if you have questions. Island Airdrop coming later when that launches. Because of the support from our first Community members we are going to be doing the following: 1. Airdropping all holders of ETH Vrumbler NFT's one Vrumbler(which are auto Anointed) on Avalanche Chain. 2. Airdropped two extra Rift Sparkle to all holders of ETH Vrumbler NFTs. (Airdropped on Rift Sparkle Mint Release) 4. ETH Vrumbler Holders will receive 2 Island NFT airdropped(to AVAX) for each ETH Vrumbler they hold (when we do that drop in Q3/Q4 2022) In summary (all on Avalanche chain): For each ETH Vrumbler a Holder has - they will get: 1 AVAX Vrumbler (it is auto anointed) 2 Rift Sparkles (when that phase commences) (originally this was 3 but Vrumblers are auto anointed on Avax now) 2 Islands Airdropped (when that phase commences, 1 for the ETH, and 1 for the new AVAX Vrumbler they received)

These ETH Vrumblers and their Avalanche NFT friends (they will not be exactly the same) will both be from GEN0 - So receive the boosted Mystic types & levels as described above. FYI: We ended ETH mint - JAN 26 2022, noon PST.

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