v5-p2: Vrumblers

In December 2021 we did an initial Mint launch for GEN 0 - On Ethereum Main Net. We ended the ETH mint - JAN 26 2022, noon PST! We have now shifted to Avalanche as our chain of choice for all the game mechanics (transactions are way less expensive and transaction finality is much faster). (If you have a ETH Vrumbler, scroll to the bottom to find out more about our OG perks!) Vrumbler Mint is PAUSED: https://vrumble.io/mint

We have decided to change the project supply cap from 7,777 to a max of 1,000 Vrumbler NFTs! (On Avalanche/AVAX - 3 AVAX price). We will continue sales of the remaining max supply minus the team reserve amount. Reserve is used for team and for gifting airdrops. This will proceed again once we have the v5Phase2 complete.

Vrumbler Mint Meta Data will be revealed every Weds after mint (may need to refresh on NFTrade or other AVAX NFT marketplace). Watch this video to learn How to Mint a Vrumbler

Getting an initial 1000 mint of VRUMBLER NFT provides a couple of important capabilities: a. Gen0 NFT’s will have a higher initial mystic power level: LEVEL 4 b. can Stake and Earn SUJI token c. if the NFT randomly has 2 Mystics - both will be fully revealed (subsequent non GEN0 NFTs will have their second mystic - if it is present - hidden until we reveal at a later date, 12.5% chance to NOT have a double mystic). d. In Q3/Q4 - 1 Vrumbler ISLAND NFT will be airdropped to the holder, only Vrumbler holder can purchase more Islands.

Community Wallet: 25% of mint proceeds will go to the COMMUNITY WALLET - this is used for future DAO decisions and help guide the project with input from the community.

Donation: COMPLETE. ~155AVAX will be donated to an education non-profit at each of the following milestones: 25% mint, 50% mint, 75% mint, 100%mint A Total of: 620 AVAX will be donated to education non-profits! CHICKTECH HAS receive $5K of donation. At 50% NFT sellout Vrumbler NFT Holders will vote on 2-4 options for the remainder of the funds. 50% of which will be paid out immediately, the remainder when Vrumblers sell out!

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