How to get $SUJI

Main Path Staking: 1. Get a Vrumbler 2. Stake the Vrumbler in the Dojo 3. Claim or Spar for your rewards Mini Games: 1. Have an anointed NFT (by using a Rift Sparkle on any supported chain NFT) 2. You battle in Vrumble, win games Battle in Tournaments. Win Leaderboards. COMING SOON: To get SUJI you can trade for it on TraderJoes - its on Avalanche Blockchain. Steps: 1. Get some AVAX ( you can do this various ways but Coinbase lets you take fiat and buy AVAX) 2. Send AVAX to your MetaMask address. 3. With MetaMask set to Avalanche Network, go to TraderJoes 4. trade for AVAX for as much SUJI as you desire: AVAX | SUJI Pair on TraderJoes: 0xSOMETHING 5. Play Vrumble with your SUJI! Get a Rift Sparkle, ANOINT Away!

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