Anoint, NFTs, Rift Sparkles, Reclaiming Ownership.

There are tons of NFTs out there on MANY different blockchains. We have our own NFTs actually minted on both ETH (Generation Zero) and Avalanche (Generation 0 & 1+).

The whole goal of Vrumble is to let players take their NFTs that they own - ANOINT them, giving them MYSTIC POWERS on CHAIN - and then with their newly anointed NFT - battle them in our Vrumble Arenas.

What is anointing? It is the process of giving your NFT mystical powers: Moon, Fire, Water, Aether, Shadow, Sun, Earth. You start with a mystical power level of 1-4 after anointment.

NOTE: When Anointed - the mystic types do not change after reveal unless a Cataclysm occurs...

So how to anoint:

Our Anointing happens on Avalanche C-Chain (main net): 1. Purchase a Rift Sparkle from our marketplace (or another NFT market place). We mint a varied amount per week. or Utilize a RiftSparkle that was airdropped to you (from a sponsorship or other source) and on our Anoint website (make sure to connect to Avalanche Main Net!): 2. Then on that page: make sure to connect the account that has the NFT's you want to Anoint. Perhaps they are from ETH main net? Connect your Meta mask with your Ethereum main network Perhaps they are from Solana main net? Connect your Phantom wallet with Vrumble website... This is all so that the site can find all your NFTs and list out which ones you want to anoint. 3. Then select NFT's you want to anoint. Pay the AVAX/SUJI on the transaction and now your NFTs are anointed!! 4. Check them out at 5. With your NFT's now anointed you can use them for various ON-CHAIN games.

Possessing Anointed Ownership....

A complicated subject but let us explain. Since NFTs exist on many chains and our games exist on Avalanche we need a way to sync state between who REALLY owns that NFT on the other chain and who has the 'ownership' of the Anoint record on Avalanche.

Let me explain with an example: 1. User A anoints Solana NFT #1 from Collection SolCats (AnointedNFT1) 2. User A equips AnointedNFT1 in Vrumble 3. User A sells/transfers NFT1 to UserB 4. User B tries to equip AnointedNFT1 but UserA still has AnointedNFT1 Equipped on their Vrumble profile. 5. User B taps 'Possess' in the /my-mystics section of the web app. (Avax transaction) 6. This queues up a request for us to check who owns what on the chain. 7. This will then be solved by an oracle checking both chains and being authoritative, manually by team in Phase 1.

8. If the NFT1 is actually owned by UserB - then the AnointedNFT1 will be re-assigned to UserB. 9.All pending rewards (if there are any) will be payed out to prior owner - UserA as the transaction finalizes. NOTE: This reclaim process may initially take 24hrs+... We have methods to drastically reduce this post release.

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