Sparring and Staking. As a holder of a Vrumbler (AVAX), you will be able to Stake the Vrumbler NFT. While the Vrumbler is Staked it will not be able to be transfered/sold on secondary markets. It's Anointed state will be able to be Equipped for in game action. While a Vrumbler is staked it earns SUJI to be claimed. SUJI is earned daily while staked at a specified rate based on the contract. While a Vrumbler is staked it can Spar in the DOJO. While a Vrumbler is staked it can be Recruited in the DOJO. If you choose to Claim without Sparing, you will receive only 70% of your accrued Rewards. This 70% is to encourage Sparring :) Available NOW! NOTE: we have a expiration so that people are not just NEVER claiming their Dojo Pending rewards. Current Expiration until we refresh is: GMT: Friday, August 19, 2022 2:57:04 AM We will then extend by another 60 days. You will need to claim prior to this time to get your rewards or they expire. NOTE 2: To reveal SUJI in your crypto wallet import the $SUJI contract address (visit our Contracts section and it is listed at the top).

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