Fun & Token Theory for User Growth and Economy Balance

by Benji Brown

Fun in an experience comes from several factors: 1. Playing a 'thing/game' that is easy to learn and difficult to master. 2. social clout and proof gain 3. Specialization and 'wealth gathering' Vrumble provides these game loops in a few ways: the knockout games the rewards gathered from them the social feed where people can discuss their victories the leaderboards with ranking the ability to upgrade their avatars and the ability to act as factions backed by tokens. This all functions because of our LIQUID POPULATION TRI Token Architecture: BASE TOKENS: SUJI: is the fungible fuel produced through effort and outside sales(Sponsorship) - which then lubricates the inner fly wheel of the game economy for all Game Actions. RIFT SPARKLES: are the user base growth control with the added utility of providing users and collections themselves - to add to population growth and receive rewards. VRUMBLERS: initial character class as self-producing Stake farms to jumpstart economy.

DOJO KEYS: provide a fee volume input that then allows for MARKET buy of SUJI or ANY MEME token we want to feature for that Battle Season.

DECORATOR TOKENS: As all NFT systems are meant to be composable - Vrumble will be utilizing multiple other TOKENS to provide extended functionality - which add further depth to the economy and will be balanced against the base loop.

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