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Fun & Token Theory for User Growth and Economy Balance

by Benji Brown
Just some thoughts: Games exist because they provide a challenge, potential mastery, a way to express self, the wonder of emergent behavior appearing before our eyes. Many games are just economic systems with areas of skill manipulation or leveraging of chance. This is why we have fun. With Vrumble we are building on the concept of Sports as a longer game lens - the experience of players competing against each other with spectators in a longer form game framework and we baseline that with an economic model so that our players can enjoy that financial game of accumulation through effort and skill. It's a way to earn through playing and competing. Currently we have allocated 1.2B SUJI as initial supply to be rewarded through battles and staking. If we were to distribute over the life time of the game we would have a playable runway of 12 months with current distribution curves. There are several mechanisms to burn SUJI and deflate the supply but the fact is, that we will never mint past a ceiling of 1.2Billion unless we can consider a methodology to resupply that Battle & Stake supply - and extend that playable runway for many more episodes and seasons. In Vrumble we make the proper sustainable cycle by: 1. When a player mints or crystalizes a Rift Sparkle (the tool to create more players in the ecosystem) 2.That paid fee in SUJI is then transferred back into the Battle & Stake pool. 3.This fee is variable and based upon a sliding week long value tied to the rate of Rift Sparkle creation/week. 4. Since we are balancing this fee against user growth counts - and on the backside - maintaining the pool of SUJI to be Battled and Earned, we have created an economic model with a self balancing lever. This all functions because of our LIQUID POPULATION TRI Token Architecture: BASE TOKENS: SUJI: is the fungible fuel produced through effort and outside sales(Sponsorship) - which then lubricates the inner fly wheel of the game economy for all Game Actions. RIFT SPARKLES: are the user base growth control with the added utility of providing users and collections themselves - to add to population growth and receive rewards. VRUMBLERS: initial character class as self-producing Stake farms to jumpstart economy.
DECORATOR TOKENS: As all NFT systems are meant to be composable - Vrumble will be utilizing multiple other TOKENS to provide extended functionality - which add further depth to the economy and will be balanced against the base loop.