Token Distribution and Vrumble Ecosystem

7,777 Vrumblers total capped. 15,000 RiftSparkles, soft capped (more can be produced through Sponsorship Bundle Buys and Crystalization)
2.4 Billion SUJI total capped.
Confirmed: 30% Play and Earn (Battles in Vrumble, Tourneys and/or Battle in the Ring) 20% Vrumbler Staking/Sponsors (distributed to Sponsor of Sponsored Collections on Anoint, Staked Vrumblers through Claim & Spar) 5% Community Fund, quarterly burn events voted by community. NGO Educational donations. 15% Operational Fund (used for team costs, servers, development) 25% - 600M SUJI distributed to Tesuji Treasury/Team, time locked and vested over 2 years. Lockup Information for Tesuji Team: 2 year vesting, 6 month cliff, with daily release. Provisional/Optional Depending on KYC launch: 5% Liquidity Pool (120M SUJI to an LP from Vrumbler NFT sales)
Game Fees/Royalties: Fees are used to pay for oracle systems, processing game wins, and deposited into Tesuji Treasury. Specifically Crystalization Fees of SUJI will be redeposited back into the Play and Earn and Vrumbler Staking/Sponsors Pools through a weekly recalc we do. SUBJECT TO CHANGE as we have not FINAL Deployed Yet. (JUNE 14, 2022)