Token Distribution and Vrumble Ecosystem

Vrumble has a few token types: ERC721: 1000 Vrumblers original total capped(7,777), currently 1000 cap. v5-p2: Vrumblers The remaining non-minted Vrumblers will be minted to COMMUNITY WALLET. 15,000 RiftSparkles(burnable), soft capped (more can be produced through Sponsorship Bundle Buys and Crystalization) v5-p2: Anointing, Rift Sparkles, & Sponsorship ERC20: SUJI is the game utility token that we use to do upgrades and various other ingame mechanics.

Currently the only real minting of SUJI is done through Staking of Vrumblers and a couple other minor actions. 82,029 is currently in circulation.

2.4 Billion SUJI total capped to the contract.- This is deployed. There are some burn mechanisms.

For Vrumble 5 we have reworked the tokenomics a bit to better work with our new SoFi Capabilities so distribution will be as follows:

STAKING: VrumbleDojo Contract capped at: 20% of 2.4B total cap: Vrumbler Staking/Sponsors (distributed to Sponsor of Sponsored Collections on Anoint, Staked Vrumblers through Claim & Spar) Max emission of 100 SUJI a day per Vrumbler. This emission can be lower, and is currently 0. (hypothetically if all Vrumblers are later minted out... 1000cap - then 100K SUJI could be Stake minted each day + the actions from Sponsorship) This means that with a 2.4Billion total cap, 1.488B minted at Vrumble: BattleFi Launch , there is headroom for an additional 480M in SUJI emissions. But that is completely bound by Vrumbler staking at an emission max potential of around 100K SUJI a day) NOTE: SUJI is also burnt/consumed through various NFT upgrade paths... (crystalization, mystic raise etc..) DOJO Keys: BattlePool contract For each Dojo key that is traded. An AVAX fee of:

  • 5% -> TESUJI TREASURE which is then split

    • 50% -> Tesuji Fee. (sent to Tesuji Treasury)

    • 50% -> To market buy SUJI from SUJI/AVAX liquidity Pool and assigned a Game Win BinIndex (aka a Game Season) <- you will see this

  • 2% -> Key Subject (aka the dojo key influencer that is being bought or sold)

  • 1% -> NFT referral (what ever NFT contract the dojo key influencer has set)

Total of 7% fee on each Trade of Dojo Keys

SUBJECT TO CHANGE as we have not FINAL Deployed Yet. (JUNE 14, 2022, March 29, 2024, APRIL 4)

The following is the Partial SUJI Game Token Ecosystem Cycle:

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