Token and Candy

Suji Token:

The SUJI token is a game utility token used for in-game actions such as: Minting Rift Sparkles Sparring in the Dojo Sparring in the Ring Recruiting Battlers Sponsoring NFT Collections Crystalizing Anointed NFTs Buying Rift Sparkles Raising your Mystic Power on your Anointed NFTs
SUJI Token is what is produced when you do various things within the games such as: Winning a Spar Winning Battles Winning Tournaments Sponsored Collections minting Rift Sparkles. We do not currently have a LP for SUJI/AVAX (like on TraderJoes ) but we are considering it. Please always check the tokens current Contract Address before doing any trading!
Candy is NOT a crypto token. It is an off chain in app currency used for non on-chain functions like: dressing your Vrumbler, gifting to your friends and more - mainly training you our your friends profile for boosted performance in the Vrumble Arenas.