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Mobile - Mini Games

4.0 of Vrumble will enable the play of realtime mini games with a player utilizing their Equipped Mystic (an anointed NFT) and battle for victory. We will have several games all with CANDY (off chain rewards). When the chain oracle is ready we will then be providing SUJI on-chain rewards for victories: Tanks Royale - a 4 player real time tank battle game with multiple rounds.
Beat the Buzzer - a 4 player trivia game.
Bumper Battle : God Mode - a 'king of the hill' style game where your mystic rolls around on a ball trying to bump other players off the platform, accumulate enough points in the several minute long game and be crown'd victor if you have the most points. Bumper Battle : Survivor - same king of hill game but if you die... you die. Be the last alive and then the round ends.
Bumper Battle : Race - be first after racing 3 laps!
Vrumblers - Island Time : an augmented reality island world where you can take your mystic and explore with friends while mining, crafting, farming and more!
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