Crystalize - Summon a Rift Sparkle

If you own 3 Anointed NFTs, once every 5 days you can Crystalize, pay the SUJI required and summon/mint a Rift Sparkle.
This NFT will be deposited into your Avalanche wallet and can be used to Anoint any NFT on any chain. Each Anointed NFT only has 5 Crystalize uses. So all three will have their Crystalize Count reduced by 1. SUJI cost required to summon a rift sparkle increases as Crystalize Count rises (average of all three Anointed rounded up). At the moment it is a fixed rate of 5K SUJI + the Avax fee. NOTE: You must 'possess' all the Anointed or Vrumblers that you want to Crystalize from. To make sure you have possessed - click the ••• button on the image of your nft, go to Info and check that it shows Possessed in the info area: